Through Tonight You Can Still Get Magellan for a buck!

If you have NOT taken advantage of the Yonac sale going currently time is running out! They did extend the sale through tonight! The app I would HIGHLY suggest you purchase, if you're you don't already own it, is Magellan! Both for iPhone and iPad… The iPad version is normally $15 and it is only .99 cents through tonight….

Yonac is celebrating its 6th year of iOS Music apps! It's apps are 0.99 cents!

Magellan Small IconMagellan for iPad – Awesome synth app

Magellan Small IconMagellan for iPhone – Perfect companion for that new larger screen on the iPhone6 Plus! (or any music making on the go)

TonStack Small IconTone Stack – Amazing Selection of Pro Amps & FX for guitarists

miniSynth Pro Small IconminiSynth Pro – for the iPad

miniSynth2 Small IconminiSynth 2 – for the iPhone

Galileo Organ Small IconGalileo Organ – Organ bliss for the iPad

Organ+ Small IconOrgan+ – Organ glory for the iPhone

PitchBot Small IconPitchBot – Smart Chromatic Tuner


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