Apps and iTunes and Storage

I have very mixed feelings about all the apps I have accumulated over the years.

First – they take up a TON of space on my computer. Have you ever checked it out? You should.

Second – If I can simply download those apps again, if for some reason I delete them from my iPad, then why save them on my computer? So last year I proceeded to delete all apps from my computer. I mean, there were a BUNCH of apps that I have downloaded over the years and tried then just got rid of. Then there were apps that I had downloaded and used for a while but ran out of space on my 32GB iPad so I had deleted them from my iPad in favor of new apps to try out. Then there were those apps that I really loved but we're just too large to keep on my iPad because I didn't use them all that often or there were other apps that would suffice but took less room.

I saved a TON of hard drive space! Excitement!

Third – Now I see more and more apps that are not going to support the iPad1 and soon the iPad2. The other issue here is that some apps have had to remove functionality in some of the newer versions because of policy changes by Apple,changes in the iOS capability or SDK.

I hope to keep those older iPads going in my classroom. I feel they can be useful still especially since I am not in a 1:1 school. This means I am going to have to be careful about which apps to delete and then ASSUME I will be able to download from Apple later.

Two music apps that pop into my head as ones that I will not be deleting from my laptop/hard drive are AnyTune Pro (certain very useful features were removed in the latest update a while back – the developers were great about warning people about this) Tonight I have also heard of another app that I have used since the beginning for my sheet music that will have to make iOS7 the lowest iOS that this app will support. That means my iPad1 will need the older version of this app!

What does this all mean? Be careful what you delete people! You may not be able to get it back I the future.

Even more important…. Buy the BIGGER iPad or iPhone! Seriously, the 16 GB is too small for musicians , even students! My daughters Christmas present was a 16GB iPad Mini and now I regret that we didn't go with the 32. If you are a teacher then the 64 GB is minimum I feel for the iPad and 32 is pushing even on the iPhone!



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