Notability Note Taking App for iOS and Now For the Mac!

I love being able to grab my device and get stuff done. I don’t like having to grab a specific device though. I want to use whichever device is with me at any given time, be it my iPhone when I am out and about or my iPad or if I am sitting at my desk my computer. That means that I’ve got to have apps that work across all devices and seamlessly syncs across all devices WTHOUT ME HAVING TO THINK ABOUT IT!

Notability has now entered that realm of amazingness! I’ve been using the Notability app on my iOS devices for several years now and love the functions available there. It is the app I use when taking notes with students on the big screen in class, it is the app I use when working on worksheets in class on the big screen and it is the app I use to keep track of each classes music theory progress through out the year.

Now GingerLabs has also released Notability for the Mac, just in time for school!

Notability Mac Small Iconthe Mac App is $9.99

Notability iOS Small Iconthe iOS App is currently $2.99 which is 40% off!


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