iBooks for Music Educators with iPad/s

Help_I_am_an_elementary_music_teacher_with_one_or_more_iPads2.225x225-75The newest book I would suggest is actually free and is titled, “Help! I am an elementary music teacher with one or more iPads!” by Amy Burns

This a free resource book that provides elementary music educators with lessons and resources about numerous apps for classrooms with one iPad, a few iPads, or 1:1 iPad music classroom. The book includes lesson plans, video demonstrations of the apps mentioned and lots of ideas and information about how to incorporate iPads into Elementary Music Education.

Amy has a blog you should all be following by the way in your RSS feeds at – http://musicroomburns.net/Amy_M._Burns.html


iPads in Music Ed BookAnother great iBook is by Dr. Christopher J. Russell titled “iPads In Music Education“. This book was released in August 2013 and then updated last in December 2013. In his book Chris shares his wealth of knowledge about using iPads in all levels of music ed. He covers apps lists and even hardware like the Zivix JamStix. Assessment, video conferencing, classroom management, 1:1 settings and the latest iPads and iOS7 are all covered.



Practical TechChris has another book that is titled “Practical Technology for Music Education“. In this book other tech is covered besides focusing on just iPads, so you Android and Chrome Book users will be happy as well! Chris has spent many years teaching with technology in the music classroom.

In this book Chris takes you through things like the theories of tech integration, different levels of tech in music ed, different types of tech, like iPads, whiteboards, desktops and chrome books. SmartMusic, MIDI Labs, iBands, phones, the cloud, and app lists are all talked about and discussed. In fact he even gets into iBooks Authoring software, Bloom’s Taxonomy and Music Standards are all part of the fun as well. Of course I think one of the important chapters is the fact that he talks about blogging and why he (and YOU) should be blogging.

Chris also has a blog that all iPad toting Music Educators should be following – http://techinmusiced.wordpress.com


Recorder InteractiveThis next book is for anyone teaching recorders to kids, or trying to learn themselves for that matter. I really wish I was teaching recorders in the classroom just so I could use this book! The book is titled “Recorder Interactive: A Magical Method” and is written by Joanna Sisk-Purvis. A wonderful book full of multimedia that will capture and hold the attention of even the squirrelist  kids in your class. 

The book starts at from the very beginning and covers over an octave of notes, basic playing techniques while including 30 songs, play-along tracks, interactive quizzes, pop-overs and ear training challenges.

Guess what… Joanna has a blog you should follow too if you are a music educator – http://motleymuse.blogspot.com

Essential ElementsOf course I would be very remiss if I did not mention that the Essential Elements Book 1 has an iBook version that proves an amazing tool to use in band class. Of course students with iPads should also use this version of the book instead of, or in addition to, the printed version.

Even though I use SmartMusic with the Essential Elements Book built into that, I still use the iBooks version. In fact I have the conductors book and several of the students books scanned and in UnRealBook as well. I use UnRealBook because it allows me to have an index easily and quickly created so that I can find any page or any song with just a few taps of the screen – unlike ForScore which takes mush more set up to work with a book like this. THANK YOU ARON for giving us that capability!

Interactive ListeningThe last iBook today is an amazing approach to music history/listening. If I would have had this book while still in school it would have changed my entire approach to listening and music! Peter Carney and Brian Felix have written “Interactive Listening: A New Approach to Music

This book takes the reader on a totally engrossing, multimedia journey through the history, science and diverse languages of music. The book takes you from Tibetan Monks, a dixieland parade, and even DubStep, crossing 35,000 years and every continent. Discussing great topics such as why music has been written in caves, ships, and cathedrals. This is a book for the eyes, ears and mind – delighting you with tons of videos, sound and pictures. Beethoven, Miles, The Beatles…. they are all covered.


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    1. Pete, Your book is amazing! Thanks for inspiring the rest of us to live up to that standard of content production!

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