Traktor DJ for iPad now has SuperSlicer – Great way for students to earn money!

I am always on the look out for ways students can earn money in the music field. One of those ways that is always in high demand is for them to DJ for events. These could be at school (school dances and pep rallies), parties (the nonalcoholic ones of course), weddings and all sorts of community events!

Traktor DJTraktor DJ for iPad has been a great choice for an app to use for this sort of gig. Now with the release of their in-app-purchase (for $1.99) they have at their fingertips a new tool that makes Traktor an interesting app to look at for maybe even more than just DJ’ing!

The SuperSlicer is pretty slick – it allows you easy ways to slice up the music using the touch interface then you can loop, replay, add stutter effects and all sorts of little tricks. All of that means kids get to be creative and come up with new mixes based off from what very well might be old and tired music! You have to watch the video below to get the idea…

For us music teachers who are not quite as music techy and not really interested in mixing our own beats to become the next hit DJ for the teen crowd… I still think that this app offers us “old” school people a few interesting possibilities…

  1. Taktor finds the beat of the song for you! It’s scary good at doing this too – got that marching band tune you aren’t sure of the metronome marking for? Load it into Traktor and boom you have it! (Yes, I know you could pull out a metronome app and tap along with the song while it plays but then you wouldn’t be able to do #2….)
  2. There are 8 locate points that are quickly and easily set so that you can find any portion of the song that you want to jump to again and again! No more searching and ALMOST finding the right spot!
  3. I think this could open up new doors as a performance instrument! Anyone have an electronic music class?
  4. Think how cool you could be in class hitting that stutter button and mixing it up in the middle of choir rehearsal! The kids will look at you in a whole new light!

Here’s that video….


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