Apps for Marching Band Directors

What apps did you use during Band Camp? If you used another app during Marching Season leave me a comment below – I would love to check it out and add it to this list!

Here is what was on my home screen for easy one touch access all week.

ForScore Small IconForScore – These are the apps that hold all of my music for all of my groups that I teach – parts, scores, marching, pep band, songs for church, songs for anything!

UnRealBook Small IconUnRealBook – These are the apps that hold all of my music for all of my groups that I teach – parts, scores, marching, pep band, songs for church, songs for anything! UnRealBook has the advantage of sharing entire set lists with other people easier than ForScore. UnRealBook also lets me set up an entire index for books like Essential Elements so that I can quickly jump to a specific song/page in the book – this is way easier than setting up bookmarks in ForScore.

Avid Scorch Small IconAvid Scorch – It takes a bit of work to get all of my music into Sibelius but once I do then I am able to access any part I want with the tap of a button! Even easier than setting up all the parts in ForScore or UnRealBook.

DrillBook Next Small IconDrillBookNext – My newest app that has become one of those apps I will use constantly all season long! I will never again teach marching drill without using this app!

Remind Small IconRemind Safe Classroom Communication – THE tool to use for communicating with parents and students with mass texts. So easy for them to sign up and they love getting the Reminders from me about times, uniforms, place to be, things to bring and upcoming dates. Easy way to send out changes to schedules because of rain issues for instance or time changes for arriving back at the school on the bus.

AnyTune Icon SmallAnyTune Pro+ – If we are not actually playing our instruments while learning the drill then we are using this app. It is THE reason we are able to get so much learned in such a little amount of time! With this app we can set up bookmarks for each set, change the tempo, and then jump directly to any specific spot in the recording. If we want we can even loop back and forth between two spots.

Click Designer Small IconClick Designer – Great metronome app to that allows you to set up your entire song set by set if needed, then you will have a click track that is automated. So cool for marching bands and concert bands where the tempo does not stay the same for the entire piece.

TonalEnergy Small IconTE Tuner – My tuner of choice

FileMakerGo Small IconFileMaker Go13 – Amazing way to keep track of my students records, instrument inventory, uniforms lists and so on. You will need the desktop app to really make full use of this app though! You could simply use some of the builtin starter solutions but to customize it for you and your exact needs the desktop app is needed.

DropBox Small IconDropBox – My Cloud for all of my active music and documents like camp contract, camp rosters and students medical forms

PDF Expert5 Small IconPDF Expert – My go to app for annotating any PDF/Document that needs it. Has some cool options for when I am using AirPlay to display documents on the big screen for the entire class to see.

Documents Small IconDocuments – I use this access all my documents that I keep on my iPad. More importantly I also use this to access all of my cloud services from within one app – DropBox, Box, Google Drive and the list goes on.

Calendars 5Calendars 5 – I’ve covered this before – great calendar app with natural language input and awesome UI

GoodTask Small IconGoodTask – The best To-Do list I have found! I love this one because it really helps me be able to setup yearly To-Do lists  but not have to see those tasks that are months away. I still use Siri and Apple’s Reminders app but only to create tasks – It is very distracting with most of these apps to see a task that isn’t due for weeks or even months or even a year away! I don’t want to see it until it’s time to deal with it!

tweetbot3 iphoneTweetbot – The app I use for Twitter. I do have to admit that I am liking the newest version of the official Twitter app though.

Facebook – Yes, I use social media for my high school kids and parents – they are ALL on there. This means that they don’t have to open another app and look in a different place than where they already are! I do have separate accounts for my personal and my work though.


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