Practice+ Tuner, Metronome and More App – iOS metronome for those who want to record their practice

Practice+ Tuner Large IconDynamic App Design has just released a new app aimed at those of us who need to use Practice while using a metronome+ tuner+ recorder. See what he did there… It’s not just a Metronome, it’s a Tuner, it’s a recorder, it’s a metronome….  it’s a Tuner, it’s a recorder, it’s a metronome… it’s a Tuner, it’s a recorder, it’s a metronome. …

The app is called Practice+ Tuner Small IconPractice+ Tuner, Metronome, Recorder and More… and costs $3.99. When you go looking for it in the app store type in more than just Practice+ because that will not find the app. Better yet… just click the affiliate link above.

Dynamic App Design already had another app out called Metronome+ that actually is a free app (with in-app-purchases) and this app is actually designed for both iPad and iPhone whereas Practice+ is only designed for iPhone currently. That means you just have to use it in 2x mode.

So why am I writing about this? Well, it’s marching season and I have been on the hunt for great metronomes and this is one of the ones I like! That’s why I write about any app here on this blog – if I am writing about it then you know it has my seal of approval – what ever THAT means.

So let’s take a look….

Practice+ RecorderThe first thing that caught my eye about this was that it has a built-in recorder inside of this metronome app! You pick the tempo you want, set the accented beats to what ever you would like, select the subdivisions and then make sure you have your favorite sound clicking away. whew… that is a LOT of options and there is a solution 

Then you tap the mic button, then tap the Rec button, start the metronome and start practicing. The app then records your practice for later review.

There is no editing the recordings as that is not the focus of this app – you record, give it a name and if you want share it through email or AirDrop. Actually, you can’t even edit the name after it’s done so get it right the first time or it will drive you nuts (see my typo?)

Practice+ SettingsPractice+ SetLsitsThe next feature that caught my eye is the fact that this app will save playlists for you. Remember ALL those settings we talked about above? Well, you don’t have to reset those every time for all the songs you are practicing! Simply store it as a favorite in your setlist.

It is possible to select different counts that are accented – so in the example to the left I have 5/4 as my time signature and the first count is accented along with the fourth count. If you have a time signature like 7/8 selected you have different options available like 3+2+2 or 2+3+2 or 2+2+3. much needed and much appreciated!

Then I also have selected 8th notes as my sub-division. With the sub-divisions there is a nifty feature called Complex Subdivisions – this adds some nice variation to the volume and tone of whatever sound you have elected as your click. 

Practice+ has a looping mode where you can set up how many times you would like to practice a section of your music while increasing the tempo after each repetition. So you can see below that I want four measures of click in 4/4 while hearing 8th note subdivisions at a tempo of 167BPM. After four measures the tempo is going to increase by 3 BPM’s. In the box to the right you can see that the app keeps track of your practice session for you – I started this session at 152BPM and did 5 reps to end up at 167BPM for a total of :34 seconds.

Practice+ Looping

There is also a tuner built into the app as well. The tuner will either listen to you play or the app will also generate a tone for you to listen to.

There are 5 different themes(colors) to pick from, you can see that I like purple!

Dynamic App Designs Metronome+ app that I mentioned has most of these same features and comes as a free app BUT you have severely limited options until you pay. Each mode is $1.99 (Options Mode, Record Mode, Pitch Mode, Practice Mode, and the Setlist Mode) or you can just pay $3.99 to unlock all modes as well as future modes. Metronome+ is designed for iPad but I am not so sure that it really looks all THAT much better than just using the Practice+ app in 2x mode.

This app goes into my folder of apps to use frequently! The fact that so man options are built in and I will not have to jump back and forth will be nice!


3 thoughts on “Practice+ Tuner, Metronome and More App – iOS metronome for those who want to record their practice

  1. My band teacher recommended this app, and I really love it. There’s only one thing that’s bothering me, though. I play a B flat instrument, and I can’t figure out how to change the tuner so that it tunes in B flat instead of C. I really do love this app, but I would like to be able to tune in B flat.

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