The Doors iPad App is Currently FREE!

The DoorsThe Doors iPad app is offering you a good taste of what the app has to offer for FREE! There is an in-app-purchase to unlock all of the content.

A comprehensive look at all things Doors, wrapped up in a beautiful app that will keep your interest WAY longer than that crappy re-en on TV tonight! Plus, who knows? You might even be able to use it as part of a music history lesson in your music class this year (actually, with as much content as there is in this app, you would be able to make more than just one lesson! Just be warned that the rating on this is 9+ for infrequent/Mild profanity and crude humor. I might not just turn kids loose with the app to go explore.

This type of app is one good reason that we teachers MUST have iPads with at least 64GB’s and I don’t even think the 128GB is an unreasonable thought. Especially since you can find the 128GB iPad Air in the refurb store every now and then which brings the price down!

Anyways…. go get the app!

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