Steamworx for Alchemy Available Now – Let’s Make Music! (and meet the National/State Standards)

Alchemy ScreenShotPart of teaching any class is making sure we meet state and national standards for our content area. One of those areas for music is composition. Part of being successful at  composing is simply the act of doing it – over and over, frequently! Of course we are not ever going to want to try composing and creating if it isn’t fun. That means we have to have something inspiring us to get at it and be creative. The iPad has a ton of amazing apps to help inspire us. Here is one of those apps and it is free to start out!

Alchemy Synth small iconAlchemy Synth Mobile Studio by Camel Audio is a free iOS synth available for your iPad. The price of the app is FREE! Alchemy is one of those iOS apps that make great use of the touch interface. The app goes above and beyond what we can do with keyboards and older controllers. Once you load the app up you will see a set of 2 X/Y pads with a set of 8 morphing pad below that and then the keyboard below that. Those pads give you 8 different various alterations of the basic starting sound. It is an easy way to loose an hour or two playing around, running your finger around those pads and becoming enthralled with the morphing sounds that transpire!

There is a 4 track recorder builtin, you get AudioBus and Inter-App Audio, Drum Pads/Sounds,

The synth comes with 30 great sounds built in and you will get an additional 35 when you register the app. There are also additional sound banks, with 50 sounds each, available as in-app-purchases. Camel Audio has released its latest just recently….

For $4.99 Steamworx is available – this bank of sounds is a cinematic netherworld featuring keyboard instruments made from clocks, drum kits built with steam-powered machines, fog-shrouded soundscapes and gothic choirs.

Take a listen to the SoundCloud demos below. These could be a great deal of fun in an electronic ensemble! I am always looking for sounds that we can put to use that will be different than simply emulating acoustic instruments. If we wanted to sound like acoustic instruments then we would just play those instruments! Instead we have this amazing world of different, inspiring, weird and wonderful sounds available to us because we have electronic controllers in our hand. Of course this set of sounds would be a great deal of fun as an individual with just one iPad as well!

Take a listen – Then go download the app!




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