PreSonus Capture App for iPad

If you read my first review of the PreSonus Capture App I discovered a few items that I needed to fix in that review! Here is the link to the review with the correct details in it!

A few details I had messed up –

  1. You actually CAN get your recordings off your iPad WITHOUT needing StudioOne! Simply use iTunes file sharing.
  2. There is a much easier way to adjust the start and end of a recording – simply drag the start or ending points!
  3. Of course I discovered that you can record two tracks of STEREO after I had recorded the video. I edited the video to reflect this.
  4. I also now correctly note in the video that the volume slider does NOT adjust your input level.

As I mentioned in my first, hasty, review…. I think this app is a significant addition to the line up of iPad DAW’s available to users! Since the one version is free there is no reason to NOT download it and use it!

Here is the updated video as well…


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