This is Fantastic! Fantastical is 50% off Currently!

If you have never heard of Fantastical 2 for iPad/iPhone/Mac then you really need to go take a look at how much easier you life could be! Back in April, I wrote about Fantastical when it was updated to Version 2. There were some great features that increased the versatility of the app then and today it gets bumped to V2.1 PLUS it goes on 50% sale!

I think all of us use our calendars on our devices as a way to stay on top of our busy schedules. That means adding events left and right, which means doing a whole bunch of tap-tap-tap and digging through menus to find that setting we need changed. Fantastical 2 has the aim of making this process so much faster! Fantastical uses natural language input – Simply type in “Lunch next Wednesday with Ron Smith at Hotel Doherty” and your event is created on the correct day, with the correct time at the right location with the right person!

The only downside to this app is that you have to buy the iPad version separate from the iPhone version. Since the apps are on sale though…. you should just go buy both of them!

Of course, using Fantastical 2 on the Mac really makes the process of managing our calendars even easier because Fantastical lives up in the menu bar. You can check your calendar, create events and even work though your Reminders all without actually opening an app!

IF you are still using the stock, Apple Calendar and Reminders then this is your special day!

Fantastical Small IconFantastical 2 for iPad – $4.99

Fantastical Small IconFantastical 2 for iPhone – $4.99

Fantastical 2 for Mac Small IconFantastical 2 for Mac – $9.99


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