Pixelmator – Graphics App to Rival PhotoShop (at a fraction of the cost!)

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 1.57.26 PMIt’s not often that I talk about non-music apps here on my blog. If I do it’s probably because it’s an organizational tool, like calendars/databases/To-Do Lists.

Today though I can not miss the opportunity to let you know that Pixelmator Small IconPixelmator is on a 50% sale in the Mac App Store. This is an app for you desktop/laptop that takes the place of Adobe PhotoShop, which I’m sure you all recognize.

PhotoShop is “the” app for anyone who wishes to do anything with pictures on a computer. The problem is the price! Go ahead, check it out. Ridiculous!

Pixelmator is on sale for a little while longer for $15.99 which is a price that even I am willing to spend. The program cover for the next concert is going to look a WHOLE lot better this year!

Layers, Shapes, Healing Brushes, Text to Shape – good stuff for a great price!

Here is the PixelMator website to take an in-depth look at the capabilities in the app.

Even better, take a look at these tutorials to see how easy it is to apply these tools to make your programs/letters/logos/website look so much more professional





As always – the links on my blog are affiliate links. That means if you click on my links because you like my ideas I bring to your attention I get a small profit from Apple’s share of the sales. The Developers keep all of their share. This is just a small way to keep my blog going.


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