Guitar Apps For iPad You Should Consider

There are two apps right now that may be of use to those of you who work with guitar players. Both apps have dropped to the great price of FREE currently.

Songster Small IconSONGSTER:
The first is Songster – I have used this app and it is wonderful and I’m not even a guitar player! This app has gone from $5 to $20 to $150! What they are trying to feel out is how much people are willing to pay for access to their library of guitar chords. Currently the app is free and you can get a feel for how the app works but there is a monthly subscription fee if you want full access.

Songster is amazing in how extensive their library is. Each of the songs are already figured out for you – you can view each individual guitar part, bass part, drum set tabs, and even vocal parts are there too. Whatever the songs originally had you can see tabs for! For instance on The Beatles song Yesterday you can see the string quartet parts! OF COURSE THIS IS DEPENDENT ON SOMEONE FIGURING OUT THE PARTS FIRST! Also, don’t go looking for any classical pieces in this app.

Huge timesaver!

This app is not one that I have used because I simply have not the desire to spend the time to learn to play guitar – Any instrument with more than 5 strings and I just don’t get along.


It is free right now though just dropped in price from $50! It was up to $200 at one time!


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