Awesome Story Telling App That Looks Amazing!

Storehouse ScreenShotDo your students have access to iPads?

Can you think of any reason for them to create stories to enhance their learning?

Well then here’s an awesome app that will enhance their story telling. In fact, the end product is a very appealing, multimedia piece of eye candy!

The app is Storehouse Small IconStoreHouse. The app allows you to import up to 50 photo’s and videos (they can only be 30 seconds long). Then you add in text to tell and narrate the story line. The end product ends up on the web for all to enjoy and read. There are some awesome ones up there for you to check out.

The photos and video can be imported from the camera roll, iPhoto library, Dropbox and even Flickr or Instagram. Then you get to move them around, resize them and mix in the text.

After you have your story done you get to upload it to the Storehouse web servers and that is where it lives. You also can share it via Twitter, FaceBook, the Web, and even Tumblr.

Storehouse is a place you may even be able to find some stories from other people and places that you could use in your classroom.

WARNING – The video takes a long time to import even though they are only 30 second long clips.

Here is an example I found tonight….

The Old Mill

And one that I made tonight….

Kayaking in Munising


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