4th of July Weekend App Sales

Not sure how long any of these are going to be on sale – Hopefully you saw them already. I was out kayaking with my wife so this post is a bit late.

All of these apps are great apps to explore the CREATION side of using an iPad with.

VoxKit Small IconVoxKit – $0.99 (50% off) – Play with drum sticks on a practice pad — Voxkit can hear the strike, and transforms this into a drum sample, a bass note, and more. You can beat box, tap a pencil on a desk, clap your hands. – much like Impaktor

Jasuto Small IconJasuto – $1.99 (down from $4.99) – Jasuto is the worlds first (and most powerful) modular synthesizer for the iDevices. (Grab this now because all of the IAP’s are included in the price – soon the price is going to jump to reflect that cost!)

Nice To Be Your Friend Small IconNice To Be Your Friend – FREE – What more reason do you need than we should ALL be making music TOGETHER with our friends!

SectorSector – $6.99 (down from $9.99) – “One of the most innovative and entertaining audio apps you’ll ever encounter” – David Biedny at MacLife.com

AUFX:PeakQAUFX:PeakQ $1.99 (50% off) – Add some great EFX to your music!

AUFX DubAUFX:Dub $1.99 (50% off) – Add some great EFX to your music!

AUFX: Space Small iconAUFX:Space $1.99 (50% off) – Add some great EFX to your music!

midiSequencer Small IconmidiSequencer – $4.99 (down from $6.99) – MidiSequencer is a new and exciting way to trigger your favourite IOS coreMidi synths to produce more experimental sounds than would normally be possible using existing sequencers and keyboard playing techniques. The developer is working on an update for tis app so grab it now before the update! Who knows what will happen to the price then!

Arctic ProSynth Small IconArctic ProSynth – $4.99 (50% off!) – Arctic Pro Synthesizer / Vocoder is a modern subtractive synthesizer. It does not aim to accurately model or re-create vintage synths of yesteryear. Instead Arctic Pro offers the contemporary synthesist a rude, rough, bold and tough palette of sound to get stuck into.

Apollo MIDIApollo MIDI over Bluetooth – FREE (down from $4.99) – READ the website for this app to make sure your bluetooth is new enough to handle this app! Otherwise this is an amazing way to have your iPhone control you iPad or maybe even your laptop to create music!

MIDImorphosisMIDImorphosis Polyphonic Audio to MIDI – $3.99 (50% off) – Play your acoustic instrument/sing into your iPad/iPhone mic and this app will turn the sound into MIDI! From there you can turn it into many things like dumping it into SymphonyPro/Notion to get the notation or have it control another app to get some sweet musical layering going on!



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