Need a Drummer? – Cool Drum App on Sale! (for a buck!)

DrumKickSo you want to be a drummer, you have an iPad, NOW you have an app!

DrumKick has exactly what you would expect from a drum app – a set of drums! There are some nifty features here though that you may not expect – Take a closer look at each drum and you will see that many of the drums have multiple samples you can trigger. That gives you a wider variety of sound! There is even a choke effect for the cymbals.






DrumKick SockThe coolest thing is that for those of you with a second iOS device with bluetooth can do something special! Put your iPhone in your sock and you can play the kick drum with your foot! Just like a real kick! AWESOME!




DrumKick is currently on sale! Because the app has been updated for iOS7 the developer has put it on sale!

Talking about developers…. The guys developing for the iOS music app scene are some awesome people – they actually LISTEN to your suggestions, they give you answers when you ask questions about their apps, they enjoy creating music themselves and they are actively listening to their users for ways to improve their apps. Of course they can’t make a living from developing unless we supper them! What does that mean for you and I as users? Well, when you find an app that rocks, like DrumKick, GO RATE IT IN THE APP STORE AND WRITE A REVIEW! Especially when an app is updated, the star reviews are all reset then. So, if you have already done it once do it again! There is a ton of junk out there – when you find the gems (because there are many gems too!) support those developers!










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