Fast Photo Importing – On OSX and iOS

Image CaptureEver have photos on your iPhone or iPad that you want to import onto your computer so that you know they are saved – you know, all those selfies?

iPhoto is apparently getting the kick to the curb with iOS8 so we may not have to deal with the glacial pace at which it pulls those photos off your iOS devices much longer. That it, IF you can upgrade your iOS device! But that’s another issue….

Sometimes I want those photos off my phone and I want to know that they are in my photo library, which currently is iPhoto. So I deal with the loooonnnnnggggg process of opening iPhoto and importing them. Sometimes though I just want a few photos AND I do not want to deal with DropBox/Google+/Flickr or something else to load the pics first. Sometimes I just want to clear out the old photos from my iOS device without taking forever in a year to do so!

I think we have forgotten a simple app supplied with all macs – Image Capture. Go ahead, go look for it, I’ll wait (pssstt…. use spotlight it’ll be the fastest way to find it!)

OK, got it?

Now, hook your phone up and fire up Image Capture. You can then click on your device in the left column and BOOM all your photos pop up. You can then scroll through, find the images you want and then you have several choices. You may Import them to the folder of your liking, Delete them from the device, or Share them.


Image Capture is FAST – faster then slipping on the ice and falling down when you are 60 years old!

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