iPad vs ChromeBooks in Music Education

Are you involved in this eternal debate of “which device is the best choice for your school?”

Here is some great information from Chris over at Technology In Music Education – The Chromebook vs iPad Debate

I really appreciate the point he makes using the SAMR model –

“If you are familiar with Rueben Puentedura’s SAMR model of technology integration, tech integration begins with Substitution.  Chromebooks (and other clamshell devices) do not fit into our music classooms (no desks!).  That means that if you are a Chromebook school, your music teacher has to jump to levels of M and R (modification and redefinition) to use that technology in their classroom.  That’s terribly unfair, as much of the “core” can “substitute” and show tech integration in their classrooms.  Many of the “elective areas” have the same SAMR problem when it comes to clamshell devices.”

and there you have it….


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