Confusing iPad Recording

When you have Cubasis controlling SampleTank it starts simple. Then you add in an external MIDI keyboard, the QuNexus. Then you run three parts in SampleTank, all MIDI tracks so that you can edit them for cleaning your recordings up. At some point I decided to add in InterApp Audio and that never did work so I resorted to good ole’ AudioBus. Then I fired up up Magellan and Animoog. Of course to share the masterpiece I had to turn those MIDI tracks into audio first using AudioBus. Then it all got shared to SoundCloud for the world to enjoy and I wrote about it using Blogsy and posted it to WordPress (not the app though, the actual website)

So….. Got it!?

Recorded three MIDI tracks then two audio tracks then mixed the MIDI down to audio then mixed the whole thing down to an m4a file.

Used Cubasis, SampleTank, AudioBus, Animoog, Magellan for the recording.

Tried using InterApp Audio but failed.

Then shared it with the world using SoundCloud, Blogsy and WordPress.

Confused? So start small and take baby steps…… That’s how we learn.

Eb Open by tpshimmons


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