NoisePad is now free!

NoisePad Small IconNoisepad, a powerful soundboard, sequencer and live-set DJ app, available for iPad & iPhone. Load your own samples or use the in-app shop, create beats, apply real-time effects, be creative!

What I’m wondering is if this would be useful to those of us who needs to have accompaniments right at our fingertips? Choir teachers, Musical Rehearsals and DrumLine or Color Guard?

NoisePad supports both AudioBus as well as MIDI – that means you could record into this app from other apps! You could record into this app from a MIDI keyboard!



NiosePad ImportIt allows you to use your own custom samples.

NoisePad SequencerIt even has its own onboard sequencer – rearrange your songs on the fly!

NoisePad Import-ExportBesides using iTunes, it is also possible to import samples directly from other apps using Sonoma Wire Works Audio/AudioPaste. Obviously you can only copy content from apps which also support AudioCopy.

I’m going to have to try this out and it’s currently free! Why not?



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