Recording with My iPad and the Cubasis App (MIDI into Audio)

I thought it might be fun to explain a technique I use often when recording – even when it is just messing around.

When building a song,  I will often record audio tracks only but I have discovered that this leads to an issue! I find that using just audio gives me actually two big issues! 1)I forget what I played so when I go to add more to my composition I mess up and play things in wrong – especially 2-3 days later if I didn’t finish the first day! 2)When recording straight audio if I mess things up it means re-recording a large chunk again!

Today I want to tell you an easier way….

It’s simple – Use MIDI (of course we are talking virtual MIDI on the iPad).

Here’s what I mean…. I will load up Cubasis first in order to be ready to record. Then I open one of the many different music apps I have and start messing around. When I’ve decided that I have something I like then I will set up the MIDI channels in that app so I know they are transmitting out of the app. Then I jump into Cubasis and create a MIDI track. I then set that track to listen to the information coming from the other app (which is as easy as picking it from the list) Then I hit record, jump into the other app and start playing. When I am done I can then go back into Cubasis and edit what I have played to my hearts content. When satisfied then I use Audiobus to take the audio coming from the other app and bring it into Cubasis as an audio track. Now, that does give me 2 tracks wight he same info on it – one is MIDI and the other Audio. I have to remember to mute the MIDI track otherwise it causes me confusion when I hear it playing the other apps later on in the process of building the rest of my composition.

I’ve made a video so you can see part of the process – You will see the MIDI tracks on track 1 & 3 and you will see that I am recording audio from the Thor app into track 2 (the MIDI being played from track one) and then I am also recording audio from Nave into track 5 (the MIDI being played from track three). I have the Thor and Nave apps open in the background both with background audio turned on (this is a very important step you will not want to miss!)

I do have to say that I could NOT have done this on my iPad2, I am currently using an iPad Air and have not had the audio issues I used to have with the slower processor. I have no idea how smoothly this would work on an iPad3 or iPad4. Of course I am very excited to hear Apple’s WWDC live cast Monday to see what interesting advances in technology they will be wowing us all with!

If you have question leave me a comment and I will get back to you…. Here is the video…. (By the way, if you can figure out the time signature for this let me know will ya?)



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