Facebook Updates and Tries to Become FourSquare – Warning!

So the latest FaceBook update just came through to my phone….. I'm NOT happy with THIS move! They want to become the next FourSquare/Swarm ( or whatever that service is now called)!

They want to track your location, creating a history of exactly where you are and have been, plus make your location available to all your friends. Now of course you can choose to turn this “feature” off, which I immediately did, but I just thought I'd warn you all!

Happy Mermorial Day!

2 Responses to “Facebook Updates and Tries to Become FourSquare – Warning!”

  1. Jack Manners Says:

    That update actually reminds me of Google location & IP tracking. They want to know more about you than they already do.

  2. Paul Shimmons Says:

    Plus, they want to listen to what is going on through your microphone too! So in other words they want to become Shazam as well….. OR is it that they want to record what we are doing?

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