ThumbJam App gives away free instruments.

If you have the wonderful ThumbJam Small IconThumbJam app this is wonderful news….

If you don’t have the app and you own an iPad, iPhone, or iPodTouch – you really should take a look at this app! It’s great fun, has some great sounds (and now even more are free!) and will even take the input from the microphone and turn it into MIDI!


“In anticipation of the v2.4 that should go live by the end of the week, I released some more free in-app downloadable instruments! Go to Sound->Download Samples to grab them.

Violin Staccato – pulled from the archives, a companion to the built-in Violin, recorded in the same session by Steve Bingham.

Shakuhachi – a Japanese flute

Turkish Ney – a rim-blown flute made of reed

Snake Charmer – reeded wind instrument. Add your own expression with shake/tilt.

Plus two more from Michael Eskin (

Hohner AirBoard – the new melodica from Hohner

Cajun Accordion – sampled from a Hohner Cajun IV one-row accordion

Bonus: the Harp instrument is updated, the background hiss is now gone! Re-download it…

And coming very soon — once v2.4 is approved — several new velocity-layered instruments will be released, to take advantage of the new feature.”


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