iPad App For Your Chord Charts – Live Musicians Take Note (It’s on sale until the 28th too!)

SongSheet HEader

In a discussion with a few other teachers yesterday I was once again reminded that many iPad toting musicians just don’t realize the potential in their hands for keeping track of their sheet music! I think they realize that there’s this iTunes library and they “listen” to their music but to actually wrap their heads around the possibility of using their iPad to “READ” music from is a new concept.

There are several apps available for those that use chord charts. I usually want actual music so I have not mentioned these chord chart apps before tonight. I see that one of these is on sale though and after my discussions yesterday I realize that I need to write about this!

This is an app you really need to know about because there are some great features here that are quite beneficial! The app is called SongSheet Small IconSongSheet and the developer is iSharp. I wish I had known about this app a few months ago when I was helping with Children’s Worship Service at Church! Here is why….

  1. The app is designed for the performing musician to keep track of “THEIR” music (in other words, you don’t have to but the music from iSharp – you type it up.)
  2. The writing/editing of YOUR Song Sheets are easily and quickly done! (Things like needing to change the key of the song is as simple as hitting the transpose button.)
  3. Creating different arrangements of those SongSheets is easily done – do it one way today and a different way tomorrow!
  4. Use backing tracks? No problem!
  5. In fact, you can even change the original speed to those tracks without affecting the pitch!
  6. Building set lists is a simple task.
  7. You can share you lists with others! (This is a huge benefit! I mean, come on! Wouldn’t you rather play music with others!?)
  8. You can print organize and find/search you SongSheets quickly.
  9. THESE LAST TWO ARE BIGGIES – There is even an auto scroll feature (forget having to turn pages yourself)
  10. and my favorite – project your lyrics out to the big screen projector! This means you don’t have to type those lyrics up in Keynote and you will now save a step in your preparations! (By the way, when projecting, only the lyrics are projected – not the chords! Nice huh?)

If you are a musician who uses chord charts, this app could just well be listed as one of your essential apps on your top ten list!

SongSheet transpose

SongSheet Presentation

SongSheet stanza


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