Looptical on Sale – 50% off!

The scales feature on the keyboard.
The scales feature on the keyboard.

Ever wanted a recording studio in your pocket? How about 24 tracks! How about being able to use software instruments as well as being able to record vocals or guitar as well? Well then today is your lucky day!

Looptical Small IconLooptical by MooCow Music is 50% off right now – $4.99

The idea is simple – record loops of your musical genius, start with small loops first. Then you take and start hooking the smaller loops together to create an entire song! You have a mixer, effects, a sampler (think “create your own instrument!”), an arpeggiator and you can even quantize your recording to tighten up the rhythms! This is a great app that you would not have to use in conjunction with any other hardware or app BUT if you do want to then Looptical is AudioBus compatible! So, load up a few other apps and use them in your musical creations as well!

Bonus – this app works on iPad AND iPhone – very portable! EXTRA BONUS – These guys have put together some nice video tutorials to get you up and running with the app! –

(By the way if you want a straightforward looper then Loopy HDLoopyHD is still on sale too as well for $4.99!)

Here are a few more screen shots…

Looptical Screenshot2 Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 9.35.31 PM


Here is a video to give you an idea…


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