iMIDIPatchbay app on sale! (HUGE SALE!)

iMIDI PatchBay

iMIDIPatchbay Small IconiMIDIPatchbay is currently on sale for only $10! (That’s is down from the $29.99 it usually sells for and even more reduced from the release price of $49.99!) Plus it is now an universal app which means it will work on both the iPad and the iPhone!

If you have several different  apps on your iPad with great sounds in them and you are interested in using 2 or more apps at the same time then this app is for you!

If you work with keyboards then you probably know what a MIDI controller is. This app turns an keyboard into a master MIDI controller… set up any keyboard to have different splits for instance to have the left end play AniMoog and the right end to play Nave. In fact set up 4 splits! Make it so that your sustain pedal only sustains the sound from AniMoog and not Nave and your expression pedal only affects Nave.

List of features

  • Create split and layer configurations very easily
  • Support for up to 4 master keyboards
  • Send volume and other control changes to your sound devices
  • Send Program Changes to your sound devices
  • Transpose sounds in octave steps
  • Transpose the hole rig in half-tone steps
  • Filter controller data (sustain, pitch bend etc.)
  • Store configurations as songs for later recall
  • Switch songs of iMIDIPatchbay from another app or MIDI device via Program Changes
  • Switch songs while holding down keys or holding e.g. the sustain pedal without getting stuck notes
  • Play all your sounds even if you don’t have all your master keyboards with you: “master switches” allow you to make another master act as a substitute for it (advanced feature!)
  • Create setlists to arrange songs for your performances
  • Link multiple PDFs (e.g. sheet music or notes) from Dropbox to each song
  • Backup settings to Dropbox
  • UI which is optimized for live usage
  • Universal app for iPad and iPhone

If you are not sure how powerful this app is check out YouTube for a few of the videos that are easily found like this one from the developer….


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