Some great sales on Effects apps for iPad!

I love Easter – I love what God did for us out of His love for us! We are not worthy but He still died for us!

Now if we could only find ways to show our love to Him….

Like making music that is amazing and high quality! In fact, this weekend SugarBytes is having a sale on some of their iPad apps that would step up the level of your music making skills/performances! The only problem here is figuring out which one of these to buy? I know that in our electronic music ensemble there are so many ways in which to utilize these apps!

FIRST UP are two effects generators….

Effectrix Small IconEffectrix $9.99 (down from $17.99!) – “Sugar Bytes’s game-changing tool for creative and efficient music production is now available on the iPad: scatter 14 intelligent effects across a sequencer matrix and create unheard-of sound patterns and cheeky loop collages” An app that allows you to sequence effects! Being able to mess with the effects is one of the reasons I love using Alchemy Synth small iconAlchemy so much!

TurnadoTurnado $9.99 (50% down from $19.99!) – “Turnado is a revolutionary multi-effect tool, crafted especially for massive real-time audio manipulation. It combines unique and dynamic effects with the most intuitive and immediate control you can imagine. Just turn it on and crank it up.” Just imagine running instruments through this app in a live setting, using the X-Y pads start adjusting key parameters with instant access to 8 effects!


NEXT is another effects app with a bit of a different take….

ThesysThesys is $9.99 (33% cut from $14.99)  – “Thesys is an extremely powerful and intuitive MIDI stepsequencer app, giving you control over just about all aspects of your favorite MIDI devices.” This app gives you all sorts of control over musical ideas and triggers when performing live…. “For live musicians, Thesys provides an extremely versatile palette of performance options which can be triggered right from your MIDI keyboard: you can transpose, manipulate, twist up, mutate, and mangle your patterns without even getting near your iPad. No other MIDI sequencer offers you the ease and power of Thesys. It is 100% MIDI compliant and therefore provides the ultimate MIDI sequencing solution. Use Thesys on your iPad to control multiple apps or external hard- or software! Send melodies, controller data and program changes.”

You have to check out the video of what this thing can do – just listening to the demos doesn’t really give you the full idea of what is possible here….


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