NanoStudio is on sale!

NanoStudio LogoNanoStudio is on sale again at $6.99 (down 50% from $13.99!)

If you have not purchased and used NanoStudio you would be well advised to pull the trigger – it’s one of the easiest ways to get started making music on an iOS device.

The app allows you to record anywhere you want using an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch – It has analogue synths, sample trigger pads, mixer, effects and a comprehensive sequencer that is easy to use. When I say easy to use, I mean it! I love the watt they designed the interface!

I just purchased NanoStudio this year, I have not idea why I waited so long! I think the fact that it came out with an iPad version is what made me but it. I love the sounds and ease of use – This is a great app for us teachers to use and a great app for students to use as it is so easy to get make work!


Here are a few songs I recorded using NanoStudio – Nothing spectacular, just me having some great fun creating music (Isn’t that why we are musicians?)

This first one uses the sample recording capabilities in NanoStudio – I recorded me thumping on an Arizona Iced Tea can a few different ways and then made a song with those samples…


This next one is from Spring Break – Me in the beach house on Th Gulf of Mexico, what more fun could one have? You HAVE to listen to at least the 2:00 section – I was really messing around with the X-Y pads on the effects to get the sounds that I ended up there. I really like that section!


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