Fantastical on Sale

Week view pulled down
Week view pulled down

If you are looking for a much better alternative to Apple’s Calendar app then Fantastical 2 just might be your answer! I will start off with the biggest downside that I see to this app…. There are two separate versions of the app – one for iPad and another for iPhone. Myself personally, I really like to use the calendar app on both devices. In fact that was the downside to when I started using Fantastical when it was released in the first place – it was only available for iPhone. I loved using the app but it bothered me to not have the same app on the iPad (I know, I know – petty)

Now that the app has been updated to Version 2 there is now an app available for both devices and there have been many improvements to the interface to make the app even more appealing.

Fantastical Dashboard View
Fantastical Dashboard View

Now for the pro’s – The event and reminder creation uses natural language and is very effective. This calendar is for those people who want to get into their calendar and get out of it quick! Another pro is the view that you get on the iPad – it is quite innovative! When you open the app you see a quick view of what is going on – on the left are your tasks, on the top is the week, and on the bottom is the month. Pull down on the week section and you see even more details for the week, pull down again and the entire screen is filled with the week view. Don’t want to see the tasks? Simply pull it off the screen to the right until you need it again at which time you pull if back out. You will want to make full use of the colors for each calendar and maybe even memorize those colors. That way when you are using that main dashboard things will make more sense because there really isn’t much text in the dashboard view. Instead events are simply indicated by colored dots – to find more info simply tap on the day or pull down the week views. It works, it works well!



One other current pro – the app is on sale for the Fantastical Small IconiPad version it is 33% off at $9.99! The Fantastical Small IconiPhone version is $4.99









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