Amazing Video App

Spark-CameraMainDid you know that Apple has a featured section of video and photo apps on sale right now? No? Me either, until I stumbled across it on the app store today! I usually get all my apps because of other people or blogs. I’m glad I explored today.

I found Spark Camera Small IconSpark Camera from IDEO’s Toy Lab. The app currently is on a 50% sale at $0.99! It’s a no-brainer if you want to highlight your students work from your classroom. Of course I’m sure you will end up sharing cute videos of your kids and family as well! We have to find easy ways to brag about those special people in our lives – plus these videos are going to end up as short 30second, high energy videos that anyone would love to watch!

This was released in Oct 2013 as their first app for adults.

The idea is simple – we like to create and share videos. The problem you probably have is the same as I do…. I’ve got lots of video that I have good intentions of editing one day and sharing. This app makes it ultra simple to shoot short videos and edit them together into a short 30 second clip and then share it with the world. Take 30 one second clips or 1 thirty second clip, you decide. After shooting the clip then you can edit the start and end points or delete the clip all together. Then you decide if you would like to add one of the included filters to jazz the clip up and you also may select a soundtrack. Last step… share it!Spark-CameraFilter

I did not think I would ever find an app that was simpler than iMovie until today. Recordings couldn’t be easier – touch and hold anywhere on the screen. Editing is as simple – the clip starts playing while you drag two handles to adjust the start and end points. The clip is playing inside of a circle and the handles are on the outside of the circle, kind of like clock hands. Rearranging the clips into the order you want is as easy as dropping and dragging the circles (which is how each clip is displayed on the edit screen). As for the soundtrack – not many options here – you select a song from the iTunes library. It’d be nice to be able to select which part of the song you wanted to include and to include fade ins/fade outs but that is possible yet.

The app records video at 720p. You will be able to share your creations on large screen devices. Mirror your iPhone to Apple TV to watch full screen HD quality montages.

Spark-CameraVideoOnce saved you can share to FaceBook, Twitter or Instagram. You are also able to email or message the video. If you would like to have several video’s that you are working on at the same time that is possible. You could be shooting video for Band class and then more video for Choir the next hour. Later in the evening you could then edit both.

“Our goal with Spark Camera was to develop an iPhone app that would make it fun and easy to create high-quality, high-impact, sharable videos,” Ideo’s Toy Lab wrote in a statement. “Throughout the development process, we took our inspiration from iPhone users. Our observations of their habits and preferences led to several key insights, which we addressed in Spark Camera’s final design.”


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