Top Tech for my Band Room – Open Peoples Eyes!

Eyes OpenI have a very short list of the most important pieces of technology that I could not do without in my band room rehearsals. (This is above and beyond the technology associated with quality instruments!)

  1. My iPad (This benefits me but also my students. By keeping me more organized it helps me run a much more efficient rehearsal and therefore helps me teach to a higher degree of efficiency. The ways that my iPad helps are too numerous to list!)
  2. Recording capability – We record and evaluate those recordings on a constant basis. They are our check with reality – Many times we think we are doing better than we actually are!
  3. Of course #2 leads to #3 – an awesome sound system – This is a music classroom and should have playback capabilities superior to most other classrooms! (This one time, a principal gave me one of those one speaker, panasonic tape recorders and expected me to be happy!)
  4. Lastly – an overhead projector with a computer that is capable of handling multi-media projects easily, movies, sounds, and pictures! Internet connection is almost becoming essential! I could not believe it when walking into another band room last year that did not have a computer and projector! I had not even thought about that scenario for a long time!


During vacation I thought I would spend more time creating music than I did – I only created one piece of music this past week…. If you are interested take a listen and let me know what you think! The only app I used was NanoStudio – It was very interesting sitting next to my nephew, who now owns 3 iPads, while recording this piece! It was kind of like when I walked into that Band Room without the items listed above last year – He was very surprised at what I was doing and had a ton of questions – Things like – Why are you tapping on your iPad like that? What, that’s a drum kit? Can I listen? You did all that in one app?

It is our job to open people’s eyes to the possibilities available to us and our students – those eyes that need to be opened are our own eyes, our students, our parents and our administration. Even the tech people at our schools need to see what is possible in the music room using iPads and other tech!




2 thoughts on “Top Tech for my Band Room – Open Peoples Eyes!

  1. I really do enjoy your blog, as a band director I always learn about great stuff to engage the kids! I wanted to share one such site with you, . Kahoot allows me to create games based on my own specific content and we are now having Kahoot Fridays! The kids can use their own personal device to answer the questions and they love it because it is fun, fast and colorful! I use Sibelius to create the music examples, along with a screen capture tool to capture just the bit I want to show for the question. The time for the questions can be set to as few as 5 seconds and as much as 30 seconds. It does take some time to create each test (game) but it is not hard at all to use. If you would like to see or play some of the games I’ve created simply go to the website, click on the login and use my information to check it out: for the email and Flute123 for the password. After logging in click on ME at the top of the page and it will show the games I’ve created. All you have to do on your device is go to and enter a game pin number that will be shown on the screen, enter a nickname (I prefer real names) and play away!!

    1. That is really totally awesome Kevin! I have not seen this before! I think this might be a great answer to livening up my middle school bands rehearsals! Thank you for sharing your stuff with me too!

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