iPads in the Refurb Store

The iPad Airs have hit the refurb store! Since this is my blog of using iPads and incorporating them into my teaching AND because the first post to this web site was about the first iPad I purchased….. I must tell you this tale as well.

I have been using the iPad 2 since the day it was released. In the mean time it have bought a few for my children but I have skipped the iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad Mini, and the iPad Mini with retina. Why…. Well I knew I would get the Air but I haut wanted to wait until I had money AND till they hit the refurb store.

When the news came through a week or so ago that Airs were on the refurb store I got excited. That excitement died when I discovered that those were the 16GB and 32 GB. No way was I going to get one of those again! Not enough space! If you are a teacher you should not get one either! So I hoped for the best…. That my tax refund would come in and then the 64 AT LEAST would hit the store. Well, Thursday night, after checking every day for a week and a half, the iPad Air 128 GB hit the store! That represented a savings of $130! That’s like buying the 64GB but getting twice the space! I went to bed chomping at the bit because I did not have my refund yet! The next morning, without knowing the 128’s had hit the store, the first thing my wife said to me was, “They deposited our refund!” I ordered it before I left for school! Fastest shower I ever took!

I paid the $10 extra for 2-3 day shipping. When I received the first notice that my iPad was coming from China I did NOT expect 2-3 to actually happen. Well, FedEx did it!

Here I sit…. Such fun!


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