Testing in the Classroom – Made easier with Technology!

I’ve got two apps for anyone that has to give tests in the classroom – of course I’m talking about written tests not musical ones the students have to play/sing.


The first one is called Test Producer Small IconTest Producer. This is a great app that takes a lot of the work out of creating those printed tests. Trying to format tests and get everything to line up, draw in blanks, add pictures and all that stuff can be frustrating and time consuming! With this app it is quick and easy to create tests that have Multiple Choice, True/False, Essay, Fill in the Blank and Matching type of questions on it.

Using this app it is very easy and quick to edit the test after you are done too…. things like moving questions around, deleting questions, editing the question or answers, and even shuffling all the questions! How’s that for maing sure 1st hour doesn’t pass on the answers to 2nd hour? Plus when it comes time to print you can create an answer sheet as easy as printing a second copy of the test with the Correct Answers option turned on!

The cool part of this app is that it is now free for you to try out! If you find that you like it and want to actually use it to print a test then you use the in-app-purchase to buy that ability and start printing!

Test Producer-1

I saw the promos for this next app awhile ago and never realized it was out yet!

It is called Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 11.04.39 PMQuickKey Mobile.

This app is the next part of taking tests – the grading part! You create a test, set up your classes and students, print out a bubble sheet and hand it out to the students along with the test you just created in TestProducer. At the end of class you use your iPhone to “scan” the bubble sheets. In about 2 seconds you can have 30 questions graded per student!

The app works in conjunction with their website – https://www.quickkeyapp.com go there and check out the video – it’s great!

As far as I can see this is currently free.



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