GoodTask: UPDATE after a few days of use

GoodTasksI promised I would update you on how well GoodTask Small IconGoodTask works and some of you had questions about the filters and how they worked.

Here’s what I am finding….

In my To-Do List I like to create yearly reminders of things I need to do at specific times. The problem that I have been running into though in several other apps is that I don’t want to see those items on my list of To-Do’s until it is time to actually do them! Here we are in March and I really do not want to think about Band Camp stuff that is coming up in August and July. Let’s finish this year first right?


I use this app because I can schedule things through SIRI. Yes, I love talking to my phone – even though it doesn’t always get it right, most time it is faster than typing it in when I am in the middle of a class or just finishing a rehearsal and need to make a note (which is frequently!) Here is a screen shot of what I see in that app though…. First problem is there are all those things I have to do in August that I don’t want to see. Second problem is that I have to jump to each individual list, unless the ToDo is actually scheduled as they are here. My Inbox says 0 but as you can see from the counts I certainly have stuff to take care of. So, I like creating ToDo’s with SIRI through the Reminders app but really do not like to view things here!


Wunderlist Small IconWUNDERLIST

Great app but as I like creating ToDo’s with SIRI this one doesn’t fit my bill totally. I use this app ALL the time though because I can share lists with other people who do not have Apple products! My student helpers, my Band Council, my Band Boosters and fellow teachers – we all use it! (By the way you DO know you can share these lists with other Apple users right? See that list “From Dad”? that’s the list I share with my son’s!)

Calendars 5CALENDARS 5 by Readdle

This is the app I use instead of the Apple Calendar app. Simply put it allows me to work faster, create dates quicker and looks great. It also includes a Tasks section (Apple’s Calendar app does not) AND it syncs with Apple’s Reminders. There are a couple issues here though. In the first pic below is one issue – If I select Today I only see ToDo’s that are dated for today or are overdue. I also have idea what Lists have other Todo’s in them because there is not the nifty counter next to the list name as in Apple’s Reminders app. So it becomes a game of peck and seek. Then, in the second pic, you see the other issue – my pet peeve. By selecting the All option I now see all of my ToDo’s neatly sorted by list (kind of nifty) BUT there are those pesky things I must do in August! I could of course hide that list but then what if I forget I hid the list and miss something? I am very forgetful… ask my wife.

Calendars5A  Calendars5B


That brings us to this new app, GoodTask. When I look at the main month view I have set a filter to show Undated Tasks, to Hide Completed Tasks and to Show Calendar Events. Here is what I see then. I see ALL of my Tasks, I see upcoming Events/Meetings, I see the list in plain view of which lists I am currently viewing (which is all of them in this screen shot – compare to the next screen shot where I am only showing the Band Camp List) and most importantly I see a calendar with pretty little dots under the dates that have Tasks on them. What I DO NOT see are tasks that are due way the heck over in August or July!


In this next screen shot I have hidden all lists except my band camp list and I have dragged the calendar down to August. If you notice the dots under the 1st and the 15th that is my indication that something iix due on those days. TIP – Pick colors for your lists that are not close to each other – my Band Camp and Band Lists are very close in color and so I was confused about what was going on the 15th until I turned on the Band List and a task appeared (which also hid all the Band Camp tasks)


If I don’t want to see any more than just one day at a time or if I want to see a week at a time it is a simple tap away.

  • The filters help to customize what is seen in each of the three views – Day, Week, Month.
  • If you want to totally hide lists that are in Apple’s Reminders that is easy to do. I like just leaving them out in plain view so I don’t forget about them.
  • There are two themes available –  a Light and a Dark. The app is set to automatically switch between the two depending on if it is night time or not. Of course if you like,  you  can switch yourself.
  • If you really want to quickly see what Tasks you have already completed it is simple – tap the little arrow in the circle up next to the search feature….
  • WAIT…. there’s a SEARCH? Yup! That way if you want to see when you are supposed to do something in the future it is quickly available. Perform a search and then that Task shows up with the details.


  1. When dragging the calendar it is difficult to keep track of which month I am in. I wish they would have the calendar itself gray out and the name of the month appear as an overlay.
  2. When marking a Task as done – The feedback is horrible! You need to just have faith and wait a split second – then the task dot gets colored in and the task moves to the completed list.
  3. There are a few minor bugs – Like the on/off slider in Calendar Events in the setting menu is funky – it moves around!
  4. I like the sound effects – of course most of the time my sound is turned to silent mode… oh well….

This app might help you take a different look at what you have coming up and what things you need to get done! Now… by the looks of MY ToDo list I’d better get busy – If only the ground outside would thaw out so I could take that brick to school and get THAT off my list!


5 thoughts on “GoodTask: UPDATE after a few days of use

    1. Glad to help! Let me know if you decide to try the app and how you like it. Or maybe you have a different one that works even better, there are a zillion of them out there!

  1. Great write up on GoodTask. My question is how does it stand up to Fantastical 2? I love GoodTask’s UI so much more. It’s clean and minimal. Fantastical always seemed a bit to clunky for me, but it’s tough to let an app like Fantastical go because it’s such a power house. I’m curious if you’ve had any experiences with them both. Are they very similar and work well together? Or are they two different apps altogether.

    1. I had and really liked the possibilities of Fantastical1 on my phone. When they upgraded to V2 and wanted to charge me AGAIN plus wanted to charge me $10 for the iPad version I deleted the app.

  2. Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the great review. I worked my way through it using the free version, and purchased the app right away.
    What a clever approach to using the Reminders / iCloud backend.

    Do you use the Smart Lists and if so, how?
    Also, what’s the idea behind the Side Bar?


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