UPDATE – Symphony Pro

SymphonyProV3I wanted to write a bit more about Symphony Pro

After reading my blog the guys over at Symphony Pro got a hold of me and made a couple of good points.

  1. Since I had used SP on my iPad1 the first night the UI was for sure washed out – when testing on my iPad2 the UI looked great and I had no problem seeing the details/icons. I should have realized the problem was in the fact that the iPad1 was running iOS 5.x and therefore not displaying the same.
  2. They are still hard at work making the app better and better! Thank goodness, because we need a music notation app that takes up a small amount of space and works well! There are plenty of educational institutions out there that bought iPads with 16GB memory for their students! This app is going to work well on those devices. In fact the development team is working on improving the user experience on even the iPad1!

Some updates for those of us that want to use SP as a go between our iPads and Sibelius…. (Especially band directors who need instrumental parts printed out in different keys)

  1. If you create your score in SP and print it from SP then all is looking good – Scales Score
  2. If you then export that score, in XML format, and import it into Sibelius you will have issues with transposition of certain instruments. I have not tested them all out but take a look at the same score (I added a few more instruments) but after Sibelius did it’s number on it – Scales with More Instrument

When importing I am letting Sibelius pick the instruments from the info in the XML file. You can see that the Bb instruments are having issues. The Alto Sax and French Horn are doing just fine though.

The fix is very simple though – it takes one extra step: Simply add another instrument to your file after you import the XML. So you will end up with two clarinets, two trumpets, and two Tenor Sax parts. THEN make sure the score is sowing in concert pitch (non-transposed with everything in the same key [because then the notes are all correct]) – THIRDLY simply copy the notes from the imported music onto the newly created tracks in Sibelius (you would probably want to delete the old ones then as well) – LASTLY hit the Transposing Score option and wa-la all is good!

Here is the imported score with highlighted marking on it so you can see what I mean – AFTER I added and copied the music as described above.  – Scales With ERRORS Fixed

This extra bit of work does not take that long and is well worth being able to work on an iPad to get my music notation needs started.


When it comes time to print parts out from within SymphonyPro you have to hide the other staffs then print. Then repeat the process – hopefully this becomes easier in the future, as in Sibelius and Finale – FOR NOW I’M JUST GONNA PRINT FROM SIBELIUS

If you are a music teacher who uses and iPad… and you have not purchased this app yet you should just go do it right now… Symphony Pro on the iTunes Store


3 thoughts on “UPDATE – Symphony Pro

  1. Xenon Labs are currently working very hard “in the background” to further improve the App, prior to releasing another update to users. Xenon Labs are working close with numerous Testers, with a Test- Release that is updated Regularly, around once a Week at the moment: various Bug fixes, a more intuitive user interface, adding new features on request, believe me: it’s all going on and the Support team is working very hard at the moment, which is: April 2015.
    When it’s all tested and positive, I’m sure they will release another Major update that will Silence the Critics in my opinion.

    1. It certainly is Paul,
      I don’t think any other app can offer the same functionality for iPad, or even iPhone for that matter.
      If anything, it’s Fiddly, writing a score on a 9″ touch screen is not easy, but first of all You get used to it, and secondly that’s Not down to the app itself, it’s something that simply comes with the territory of a touchscreen tablet or phone.

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