Have a To-Do List? I’ve got a new app for you to look at…. Good Task

GoodTasksI am always looking for better ways to keep track of my ToDo list. I have not settled on one method yet…. In fact today I added one more app to my ToDo list of apps to try out for a couple of weeks. Let me tell you why…

GoodTask (Formerly This Week) extends Built-in iOS Reminders to a Powerful Task Manager for $4.99. There are a couple of things here that caught my eye.

  1. A great design
  2. The app shows my tasks and my calendar events right next to each other.
  3. GoodTask allows me to set filters in order to better display my tasks. This is one thing that bugs me in Apple’s Reminders app. I love setting reoccurring tasks, I mean as a Band Director I am constantly doing the same tasks year after year. Why would I want to continue to recreate that list. I simply set a yearly reminder and then I am all set for next school year. The problem is that I don’t like seeing my lists for next years Band Camp when its only February and not time to deal with them yet.
  4. GoodTask works nicely with other apps like LaunchCenter Pro.
  5. I can take an easy look back at my lists of things I’ve done.
  6. I can easily track my repeating Tasks to see how I’ve been doing with keeping up with things!
  7. oh…. one last item – One price and you get the iPhone version along with the iPad version! It really seriously annoys me to have to buy an app twice!

I am really liking using WunderList because it is free and it allows me to share lists with others but I will be digging into this new app for the couple of weeks to see how it compares in actual daily use.


3 thoughts on “Have a To-Do List? I’ve got a new app for you to look at…. Good Task

  1. Quick question – I’m a little confused about your comment on the recurring tasks. If you set a yearly recurring task, can you also set a filter so you don’t see it again until a specific month or is it always showing?

    1. Cindy – Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you… I just wanted to make sure I was able to answer your question well. Take a look at my newest blog post to see if that helps explain.

      If you have a recurring Task it will not show up in your list unless you are viewing that specific date! So if it is next month you will not see it! If it is next week and you are in Month view then you will see it until you switch to week view and only view THIS weeks list. Then of course if it is this week and you STILL don’t want to see it because you don’t have to worry about it until Friday then select day view.

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