XKey iPad Musical Keyboard by CME (UPDATED)

XKeyYou can hook up to 7 of these keyboards up to one iPad without external power! Yup…. that’s 7, as in S E V E N!!!!!

UPDATE – I had at first mentioned that this was going to be available in June – after a comment by Shirley I had to go digging for more information! Here’s the deal – the 25 key XKey is CURRENTLY available! It costs $99 and is on sale. The keyboard coming out in June is the Xkey 37 key version! It even comes in several different colors.

Here is the YouTube Video discussing the new version – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFeSrZIfLrk

Thanks for bringing my error to my attention Shirley!

What is Xkey ?
Xkey is a MIDI keyboard controller equipped with 25 velocity-sensitive keys. It is a class compliant USB MIDI device, meaning it does not require a driver to work with computers (Mac, Win, Linux).

Why should I choose Xkey from all the other 25 key MIDI keyboards?

Because Xkey is equipped with 25 standard size keys but is thin, and consumes very little power when connected to your tablet, making it the perfect mobile keyboard solution. Also because it has unique features such as the possibility to send polyphonic after touch.
There is currently no other mobile keyboard on the market able to send polyphonic after touch, making Xkey unique .


2 thoughts on “XKey iPad Musical Keyboard by CME (UPDATED)

    1. Shirley – Thanks for bringing this to my attention – you had me wondering what the heck I was doing last night! Turns out that the 25 key version is indeed out, as you mentioned. The video I was watching was about the upcoming 37 key version!

      Glad someone is playing attention!

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