You need this app to simplify your teaching! (It’s free for a few short hours!)

As teachers we have stuff to do, lots of it. We need an easy way to keep track of that to do list, a list that is with us and easy to access. An app that is quick to use – who has time to tap, tap, tap, click, drag, swipe and select when you have a classroom full of middle schoolers ready to be distracted by the next drop of a pin?

Clear is an app that I purchased when it was only available for iPhone (of course it worked on my iPad in 2x mode but I really hate that so I never used it on my iPad because it was too ugly and I don’t like portrait mode! I would have bought the iPad version too but now I don’t have to!

RealMac Software is updating their app that will help you keep things clear and simple – because of the update, and the fact that they are trying to simplify what they offer on the app store, this app is free for a few short hours (like 24 total but I’m slow to post so more like – GO GET IT NOW)

This is a great to list – a to do list that is clean, good looking and easy to use – an app you will WANT to use! Plus it works for iPad AND iPhone (if you use this link to get the correct version of the app it will – Clear 

Clear Icon


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