Free iPad Music apps for today you should download NOW!

Tunable Screen ShotEvery day in rehearsals and as a musician who needs to tune instruments I use a tuner. I have tried a ton of different apps, both for myself and in class with my students. One of those apps I like and my students respond well to is Tunable Small IconTunable… and it’s free today!

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Tunable shows a history of your pitch steadiness (that’s the squiggly line in the pic below). This really shows clearly to the students minds of how well their embouchures are working alongside their breath control.


The second app that I see is free today is one for those of us who want to play guitar sounds using our iOS devices… Guitarism Small IconGuitarism has great guitar tones builtin with a design that makes it easy and fun to play guitar. Other apps have guitar sounds but trying to play those sounds from a keyboard interface is a bit difficult. Currently the IAP purchase which unlocks the other three guitars and 8 more effects is only $4.99 (on sale for a short time)

this will be fun to play while my daughter is playing her real guitar.


2 thoughts on “Free iPad Music apps for today you should download NOW!

  1. Great app! Wish my kids would have read the email so they could have loaded it to their iPads. The ones that did love it!

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