Technology and the Connections it Brings Us

Claudio AbbadoToday Claudio Abbado passed away. We should take a moment of silence….

With the technology of the internet and YouTube we do have such great opportunities at our finger tips to introduce our selves and our students to great people like this, while they are still alive. It was amusement at first then later sadness that I listened to one of my 5th grade students come up to me one day and ask a question…. looking up at me in total seriousness and total excitement he said, “Mr. Shimmons, have you ever of Mozart?” I responded “Of course!” His response was the perfect awakening to how little our students get to experience great people sometimes – “He has the most beautiful music ever!”

Use technology – tools like YouTube and Google Hangouts or Skype to bring people into your classroom that before this past 20 years was never before possible! Open their eyes to the never before experienced world of greatness!


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