Apps and Tech For Teaching

I like to keep lists for reference. Since I am about to return to work after a short winter break here is the list of apps I am using before I even get to school to start teaching in front of the kids….

  • PlanBook (iPad VersionMac Version) The best LessonPlan Book app I have found hands down! Thanks Jeff! Has an iPad app, desktop app and works with getting your lessons online  as well. This is what my daily lessons are kept in – This is what my principal sees when they visit.
  • DropBox – If you do not have a DropBox account yet go get one now! Online storage of anything you can upload for free (up to 2GB’s at first) Think of this like a thumb drive you do not have to carry around with you! Plus most apps work hand in hand with DropBox!
  • SmartMusic – To listen to and pick music for my bands to rehearse
  • Mail – I simply use the Mail app Apple supplies us with. There are several other very interesting mail apps out there but none that take care of all my mail needs. If all you use is Gmail I would strongly suggest you take a look at several of the alternatives because they are pretty slick (if you want me to do a review on those other email apps I will just leave a comment below!)
  • Calendars 5– Way better than Apple’s free calendar but works hand in hand with it! Fantastical is right up there with this but Fantastical does not have an iPad version of their app yet.
  • UnRealBook and ForScore – To organize the music I will be teaching in rehearsals
  • Smart Seat – the easiest and fastest way to do my seating charts that I have found. In fact it is so easy that I don’t use this app for anything besides my seating charts and I still take the time to type in my students names into this app (I would never do that usually for an app with just one function!)
  • WordPress – to update my classroom blog (There is an iPad app from WordPress but I use Blogsy instead)
  • Site 44 – Coolest thing ever: NOT AN APP BUT INSTEAD A SITE FOR WEB HOSTING -This web site allows me to run my own website based from inside my DropBox! This way I don’t have to rely on PlanBook servers to serve up my Lesson Plans. I had issues in the reliability using their PlanBook Connect and I really like the way they work the HTML publish feature anyways. This was the missing link between my PlanBook and being able to project on the big screen the lesson for the day in order to meet school and state mandates!
  • FileMaker Pro12 – FileMaker does have an app but unless you actually purchase the desktop software the app will not do you much good. Although I suppose if someone created a database for you then you could load the app and database on your iPad and you would be good to go. I have all sorts of databases to help me stay a little more organized – Uniforms, Instruments, Class Rosters, Event Management, Auditions, Trips, Music Library – makes it so very easy to look at which songs I have in my library and see things like when it was performed.

2 thoughts on “Apps and Tech For Teaching

  1. Matt – I don’t know if my original reply to your comment came through to you or not… I would love to see a picture of your rehearsal space with the info from PlanBook on the screen like when the students come into class.

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