iPad Audio and MIDI Interface on Sale – Great deal!

Griffin Studio ConnectIf you have been looking for a great deal on a 30 pin audio/MIDI interface for your iPad this is it!

Sweetwater has the Griffen Studio Connect on sale for $39 right now!

Docking iOS Interface with 1/8″ Stereo I/O, 1/4″ Direct Input, Stereo RCA Output, 5-pin MIDI I/O, and Analog Volume Controls

That means you can plug in your guitar or bass or anything that has a 1/4″ output on it! Plus you can hook up your keyboard in stereo using the 1/8″ stereo input jack – or any other device that you would like to record in stereo.

Plus you now have a MIDI interface allowing you to hook up a nice big keyboard to your iPad to play GarageBand, Thor Polysonic Synthesizer, Nave, or AniMoog or any of those sweet apps you just bought on sale over the past couple of months!

Be aware that this had the 30 pin connector so if you are one of those that have the lightening connector you would have to have an adaptor.


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