Griffin Announces New iPad Interface at CES

Griffin 2014 Interface

As I was following my news feeds I saw that 9to5mac has pictures and information about a new audio/MIDI interface from Griffin (Now we know why the 30 pin ones are being sold so cheap at $39!)

Here is the info from their site – “Above you’re seeing the company’s new StudioConnect HD, an audio interface that marks a significant upgrade from the previous generation that we reviewed last year. Compatible with both Mac and iOS, the $199 interface includes two combo 1/4 inch/XLR inputs with separate gain controls, a pad switch, 48v Phantom Power, clip indicator, and two TRS 1/4 inch balance outputs for your studio monitors. Like the old version, it’s also built to dock and charge an iPad. The new StudioConnect is clearly aimed at more experienced musicians, and the solid metal construction for the first time makes it competition for other interfaces in its price category. The new StudioConnect lands in fall 2014.

It makes no mention of whether it is the new lightening or the old 30 pin connector but I am going to guess it is the lightening connector. It also doesn’t mention if you actually have to dock the iPad or if there is a holding spot for the iPad and you simply plugin a cable.

I do find the pictures they have up very interesting in that it lets us see that USB MIDI connections will be supported in this version. Which means that new USB keyboard with no standard MIDI connections on it will be useful with this interface. There is also a miniUSB port on the back as well!

I like the fact that there are gain controls right at hand for the two inputs. It saves you from having to muck around in the software/app to find where to set the input levels if that is even possible with the app you are currently using.

The picture above are the small shots of the interface, if you want to see the big shots you will have to click on the small versions below which will then take you over to 9to5mac’s site.

The last item I want to draw you attention to is the release date of FALL of 2014 – the bad part about CES is we have to wait so long for these things to be released!

BONUS – The website I linked above also has a holder for iPhones that Griffin intends for use by guitar players. Of course I am interested to see how it is being clamped to the guitar because this might be able to be used on other instruments as well (or mic/music stands)



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  1. Although we do allow links within Street Articles, the focus and purpose of your article ought not be to sell something. It just isn’t necessary this technical information be conveyed only to people related for the technical field.

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