Animoog and AUFX Apps Sales for the New Years

If you do not currently own Animoog it is on a huge sale right now! This is one of those apps that is such fun to play and has an innovative interface. The normal price is pretty high though which makes it hard to pull the trigger on the purchase. With this sale price it is a no brainer purchase though.
AnimoogAnimoog for iPad for $5.99 (On sale from $29.99)
AnimoogAnimoog for iPhone for $1.99 (On sale from $9.99)
Thor Small iconThor Polysonic Synthesizer for iPad for $6.99 (On sale from $14.99)

Using AudioBus on iPad allows us to use effects apps in ways we could not before last year. With the advent of AudioBus though we can now use apps to even further enhance, manipulate, and mutilate (if so desired) our musical genius! Several of those apps are currently on 50% sale for the New Years. Grab them and have some fun! Now if only I had a little more Christmas money left so I could actually try these ones out!

From everything that I am reading these EFX’s represent some excellent choices that are not “out there”. These are EFX’s that every music teacher can use to immediately make an improvement on recordings of their music groups, soloists, concerts, or even audition tapes.
AUFX:PeakQAUFX:PeakQ – $1.99 (On sale from $3.99)
AUFX DubAUFX: Dub – $1.99 (On sale from $3.99)
AUFX: Spcae Small iconAUFX: Space – $1.99 (On sale from $3.99)


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