iPad Music Creation Apps on Sale for the Holidays (Updated with even more 12-24!)

Here is a list of apps that are on sale right now during the Christmas Season to help you spend your Christmas iTunes Card presents! No better time than when an app is on sale to grab it!

Moosic Studio icon SmallMoosic Studio – On sale for $20 off right now! This is the app you need to use to manage all your students and their private lessons. This apps lets you manage all your students, lessons, and all the billing. The app is secure and will let you print or email lessons for/to students not to mention integrating services like DropBox and EverNote! If you teach music lessons and have to manage it all, this is the app for you!



  • ThesysThesys – This is an amazingly deep app that allows you to step sequence music and then apply all sorts of controlling factors to that music. Not really for those of you who want to hit the record button and play live.
  • ArpeggionomeArpeggionome
  • Studio 2Studio2
  • Rhythm StudioRhythm Studio

Effects Apps: For these apps to be useful you will probably want to also own AudioBus. With AudioBus these apps can go into the effects slot and then become part of the effects chain of your musical genius! These apps will inspire you in ways you never thought possible too!


  • Apollo MIDIApollo MIDI over Bluetooth – I can not wait to make use of this app! One more way to cut the cords! You will need devices that have bluetooth 4 though! (Which means my little ol’ iPad2 isn’t going to cut it!)
  • LemurLemur – the professional iOS controller app that doesn’t cut any corners. A $50 app that is 50% off for the holidays (The lowest price it has ever been!). Allows you to control any software or hardware that receives MIDI or OSC. This is the best app of its kind.
  • MIDImorphosisMIDImorphosis – Turns audio signals into MIDI information – very cool audio pitch recognition!
  • Traktor DJTraktor DJ
  • https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/djay-2/id669196929?mt=8&uo=4&at=10l7wSDjay 2

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