Music Notation on the iPad – anywhere, anytime! (Handwritten music recognition)

ImageI’ve been using the app NotateMe Icon SmallNotateMe more lately and I’ve got to bring it up again here! (The app is no longer in beta so the price has gone up from it’s initial offering but it is currently on a 25% sale so the current price is lower than normal!)

Being able to create music notation files using just my finger or with a stylus (use the adonit) wherever I am at is very useful. It allows me to create and draw out basic outlines of music that I am currently working on and then later dump it into Sibelius for later editing (of course if you are a Finale user than that is possible as well – NotateMe uses XML as the file format when sharing files with Sibelius or Finale) That means that while I am sitting int he car riding over to our families house for Christmas I can write the bass part to the piece I am working on. Then sitting there while I am waiting for the crew at the tire store to put a new tire on my car I can write out the trumpet part for the praise band to use on sunday morning.

I can use this app during class as we are working on music notation skills. I had been using the notebook app called NoteShelf but then I realized that by using NotateMe I could actually end up with playable music instead of it just being static in NoteShelf. I can also end up printing out a final copy of the classwork that looks very nice because NotateMe creates a final product that is not handwritten – and I’m telling you that I DO NOT handwrite things very often for very good reasons! The reason I like using NotateMe or NoteShelf in class though is that it is simple, write it out and it is there. I’m not fiddling around with buttons, menus and trying to figure out options all while my middle school band sits there loosing focus faster than Elf puts syrup on his spaghetti! (If you don’t know what I’m talking about here you REALLY need to go watch the Elf movie!)

I will say that using NotateMe on my phone is a bit of a hassle because of the smaller screen – it tries my patience. The capability of being able to whip my phone out and create a music notation file is priceless though! It’s fun and convenient! Not that I would ever think of doing a full piece on my phone though! It simply gives me one more way to access and create. The capability of saving files as XML opens up my options even more because NotateMe files do not live in a walled in garden – NotateMe shares with other apps. This is critical – it is one of the key points I look for in any app!

IF you don’t have this app yet and you are a music teacher toting an iPad you are crazy! Go buy it NOW while you are getting a little bit of a deal!


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