Great PDF app for teachers in the classroom!

PDF Cabinet 2.0I had been looking for a great app to use in my classroom as a sort of whiteboard app on steroids. My goal was to have a PDF worksheet on my iPad that I could project onto the classroom screen. Then I would be able to have the class see MY worksheet while I wrote on it, writing answers, notes and highlighting specific things I wanted to draw their attention to. THAT was the easy part… I had a few apps that would allow that simple task. The trick came in that I wanted to be able to allow OTHER people to annotate that same PDF that was being displayed on the screen. That way another teacher could help in making notes and we could have students write answers in on their iPad’s but have all of it show up on the screen in front of the classroom all on the same PDF! We would also be able to then save it for future reference!

I found an answer to my wish in the app PDF Cabinet which has now been updated to version 2! It is currently free as well so go get it while it remains free because I paid for the first version and I am sure this version will also go up soon!

The app allows you to annotate as expected, highlight, draw circles, lines, arrows and type text on top of any PDF. There are some nifty features that I did not expect as well…. things like the way you are able to review and skim through your PDF using the sidebar to show all pages or just the annotated ones. I also appreciate the way you manage documents with a simple drag and drop! Why all iPad apps do not allow this is beyond my comprehension. It only makes sense to me – it is a touch interface! Tap the document and drag it to the folder or the trash, simple and sensible!

You are able to sync folders in PDF Cabinet with a folder in DropBox or iCloud. That means that whatever PDF’s are on my iPad are also synced and backed up to the Cloud! I always worry that I will forget which apps have documents stored in them that I would like to have backed up, this syncing feature takes some of the worry away. It also means that I have even easier access to those documents that I have been working with on my iPad. We all know how much fun it is trying to find a cord to actually hook up the iPad to the computer to sync files (does anyone actually do that anymore?)

A couple thoughts about Collaboration….  The collaboration feature allows you to share and annotate along with up to 16 other people. Anyone who joins the collaboration session in the middle of the session also gets sent the previously made annotations.


I wish the cropping feature would export out to other apps! This would allow me to crop a document using PDF Cabinet 2 and then send it to UnRealBook or even back to DropBox.



4 thoughts on “Great PDF app for teachers in the classroom!

  1. One of my favorite PDF apps to use in class has been PDF Expert. I can record a student while they perform, notate directly on to a pdf of the music as they play and email to parents and students with the sound file attached. In some instances I have also recorded a “this is what is should have sounded like” onto the document to help parents understand where their child is in comparison. It has been the BEST and students know EXACTLY what they need to work and so do their parents. I don’t know if PDF Cabinet has that feature but if it does it is TRULY awesome in the music classroom! I have also used “Pitch Primer” so record from the pdf recording (using a secondary ipad) and taken a screen shot to show exactly how out of tune a student is if necessary and then inserted the pic into the pdf document although generally I have a grading rubric at the bottom that I use that takes up any “free” space on the document.

    1. Hi Fawn, sorry it has taken me so long to respond but it’s been concert season here!

      I have a question though…, you say that you record the students playing and insert that onto the PDF. How exactly are you doing that? I can not figure that out for the life of me!


      1. Before you start writing, press and hold the screen. A menu bar pops up. Choose sound. You can even move it around during recording or after. Then open up the writing tool. I can take screen shots when I get home and write up a little “how to.” I can also send my rubric template. Currently traveling sans iPad for a few days.

      2. That’s awesome! I so totally missed that feature! Thank you for sharing! I think I’ve got to write a new blog post!
        Thanks for taking a few minutes and responding! Have a great Christmas!

        PS…. Keep tuned to my blog as I’ve got a great give away for AnyTune coming up tomorrow!

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