The ultimate remote? Control your classroom computer with your iPad!

 Actions for iPad iconActions for iPad is a remarkably simple way to control your classroom computer from your iPad. The best thing? You set it up the way that you need it to work. I wish tis was the way professional development worked at our school…. The english department gets the info they need while us music teachers get something meaningful and directly related to our classroom teaching! Wait, I get sidetracked…. sorry!

BONUS – AS OF TODAY THIS APP IS ONLY $0.99 – the Cyber Monday deal of the day! Get it now! Usual price is $3.99

The other Deal today is NoteShelf today is $4.99 (on sale from $8.99) I use this app every time we work on music theory in class. Best app I have found yet for using like a large notepad on the projected screen during rehearsals! There are all sorts of different “paper” you can write on built into this app – allowing me to have a blank background, lined, graph paper and of course for the music classroom there is staff paper! But again I get sidetracked…. back to Actions for iPad!

Seriously though, my set up for this app will not be the same as your. I know in my class I will be using it to control SmartMusic during rehearsals. I will also use it to control the polling when I use the classroom clickers to check for understanding of theory work we do. The possibilities are endless. You can use it to control Logic from your keyboard while playing in parts. Maybe you use Sibelius to create notation files but it is a bit cumbersome to have even your laptop within arms reach from your keyboard… set up Action for iPad and now you can leave the laptop a bit further away and not worry about knocking it on the floor because it was perilously perched on a music stand!

I’ve had another great app called Mobile Mouse for iPhone  or Mobile Mouse for iPad that does the same sort of idea…. in fact MobileMouse gives you control of the mouse on the computer as well. The problem is that I am limited in how many buttons I can set up in MobileMouse. I also find that controlling the mouse on the computer screen, which is projected onto the big screen is a bit tricky to master – especially in a classroom of middle school band students.

Actions for iPad

With Actions for iPad you can launch hottest (like copy and paste), control media, handle windows, control your system and even launch webpages! No more digging into your bookmarks just for the school website to take attendance! There is even the option to set up gestures to copy, paste, undo and redo!

If you are using Actions for iPad, I would love to hear specific actions you have set up to help you run your classroom more efficiently. Leave a comment below!

(Remember, the links on this post support the time and work to do the research and writing to bring you all this information. It is not much but like my Grandpa said, “A penny picked up is a penny more than what you had before!” So, click the link here and support my efforts to share my experiences with the rest of the world! It doesn’t cost you any more, it doesn’t cost the app developer any more, instead it comes out of Apple’s share.)


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