Create Music on your iPad!

MagellanHow far we have come in one year – As I read my post from just one year ago about the soon-to-be-released AudioBus, I am reminded of what is now possible that wasn’t just a short time ago. A year ago, without AudioBus, a recording like this one was not possible on the iPad without the help of a computer. Thanks to AudioBus we can now use a DAW, like Cubasis, to multitrack and create to our hearts desire from one iPad!

Except for the drum track, this song is all from one app… Magellan by Yonac Software. (It is still on sale at 50% off too!) Of course we would absolutely need AudioBus and a DAW to create the multitrack recording. I used LogicX because I wanted to try out the new Drummer feature and I’m telling you what… I love it! I threw in some weird time signatures like 5/4 and 6/4 just for the fun of it (or maybe because I couldn’t count) and Drummer handled them very well! I may never have to create another drum track again!


4 thoughts on “Create Music on your iPad!

  1. Very nice! I’m torn with regards to making music with iDevices. I completely see the potential and awesome power of the software and hardware available but for some reason I haven’t found a workflow that I gel with yet…

    1. The workflow on an iPad is very different than what we have been used to. My workflow is to fire up AudioBus, then I put Cubasis or MultiTrackDAW in the output slot. In the input slot I pick an app that I have been playing around with that I find inspiring. Then I start recording. As a keyboard player I get a bit frustrated at the touch screen interface and the limitations it holds. I’ve started solving that issue by using the iConnectMIDI and using my MIDI keyboards that I’ve had around for years. At the same time I appreciate the capabilities the touch screen gives me that my physical keys don’t, like the ability to simply slide my finger to change the sound.

      Thanks for checking out my music!

      1. Thanks for the detailed reply!

        I’ve been considering a CME XKey lately, thinking that a portable and nice MIDI keyboard lower the barrier for me.

        I will also admit that I haven’t given AudioBus a serious chance and perhaps I should…

  2. AudioBus is one of the missing links I think to what you are looking for then! Using AudioBus allows me to use one device , my iPad, but then use multiple apps to record with! I have not messed around with Apple’s new InterApp Audio, AudioBus is supported by WAY more apps currently!

    I like the looks of the CME XKey – nice and small, lightweight and super thin! Good price point too!
    Have you seen the QuNexus by Keith McMillan? I bought the QuNeo for my electronic group at the school and that thing is amazing! The capabilities blow every thing else away!

    Currently this is just all about trying to make music in new and different ways! In looking at your blog it looks like you have had to do the same thing while you move! It’s interesting to force ourselves to do things differently! I will follow along with your adventures on your blog!

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