iPad Musical Creativity

LogiciSemUsing Arturia’s iSEM synth that I bought today finally because of the Black Friday sales here, I decided to try out the app. Normally I would have fired up Cubasis and AudioBus but this time I decided I would also put to test iConnectivity’s iConnectMIDI2+ device along with LogicX.

This sort of project for me is proof of concept – the concept of where the iPad has brought us to.

iSEM was released as a software emulation of the 1974 Oberheim keyboard and then recently released as an iPad app. The hardware synth costs around $1000, the desktop software around $100 and the iPad app $10!

LogicX is a multitrack DAW that now costs $199. In the 80’s the hardware that gave you the same sort of capabilities cost thousands, easily! I now have several iPad apps that offer multitrack recording capabilities that cost anywhere from $10 to $50.

iConnectMIDI2+ is an amazing piece of hardware that allows MIDI connectivity to and from an iPad, and at the same time to a computer. The capabilities do not stop there though – this device also passes audio between the iPad and computer! Every track I recorded into Logic tonight was sent as audio to the iConnectMIDI2+ form my iPad! This is the sort of device that changes the way audio is recorded and manipulated. It changes the manner in which an iPad is used. the iCM2 is both an audio interface as well as a MIDI interface. The MIDI interface connects legacy MIDI devices, using the 5 pin MIDI cable that has been around since MIDI was born in 1981, to my iPad in 2013!

People really should not complain about paying $10 for an app like iSEM considering the past alternatives! (of course I am one of those who just bought it because it went on sale for $5 so who am I to talk right?)

I am very excited to see where the new processor in the iPad Air and iPadMini with retina display, takes us. That processor is such a huge bump in capabilities. Honestly, that’s one of the reasons I fired up Logic tonight. I could have used Cubasis but on an iPad2, it gets iffy.

Here is what I came up with for those of you who care to take an adventure in listening…


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